• Incorporate to management and to disseminate the best practices regarding CSR under the concept of Sustainable Development, to strengthen the global strategy of Grupo Los Grobo, achieving cohesion within the network and building value for the stakeholders.
  • Generate reliable and transparent information for the different stakeholders regarding the economic, social and environmental management of Grupo Los Grobo.
  • Generate commitment to Sustainable Development in the different stakeholders and the development of skills in the cooperators and the value chain to facilitate the realization of the CSR initiatives of Los Grobo.
  • Ensure that the business activities and the initiatives of Grupo Los Grobo and of the persons that work in the organization are guided in accordance with the organization’s values and culture regarding corporate ethics.
  • Promote sustainable production, preserving the environment and using the factors of production in a rational way.
  • Encourage sustainability agendas between the public, private and social sectors of Argentine agriculture.
  • Promote and coordinate a Social Wealth network, fostering the development of towns in the rural environment, their culture and their people.
  • Align daily management of the business with the network’s cohesion by implementing a strategic CSR approach.

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