We are the only Brazilian company that offers the following agribusiness services: (I) input supply, including agrochemicals, fertilizers and seeds; II) grain trading;  III) a multi-modal logistic platform, partly self owned and partly owned by third parties, which covers roads, railways, hubs and ports; (IV) Grain storage facilities in a wide network of silos and warehouses close to distribution centers; (V) technical and agronomical consulting;  VI) financial services such as financing and hedging for producers; VII) soybean processing; VIII) seeds improvement; and (IX) wheat milling.

Our business model in the service division is conducted within the following concepts:

Network model: nets of businesses and relations are created in the regions in which we operate in order to promote partnerships and provision of services to farmers and producers situated in those areas, with the purpose of fulfilling their needs and promoting I) relationships based on loyalty as well as a regional leadership which allows us a certain degree of influence; II) deep knowledge of the various local cultures and a business intelligence suitable for the development of our activities; and III) identification of new business opportunities.

One-stop-shop for small producers by which we can provide our customers and partners with a wide range of integrated solutions as well as the chance to concentrate their demand in one single supplier of all the services and products that they need to carry out their activities. Those concepts allow for: (I) financial capacity throughout the whole year and not just during the harvest season; II) economies of scale, together with inputs and products suppliers; (III) a dilution of operational costs, since part of those costs are transferred and, hence; (IV) an operational and financial advantage.

Our long term contract with Ferrovia Norte Sul S.A., a company that belongs to the Vale Group, is a good example of this. This agreement gives us access to the North-South highway, vital for the transport of grains from the Northeast region to the port of Ponta da Madeira. Moreover, we participate in the grain processing business.