LG Agro is one of the largest agribusiness producers and services providers in South America. We operate in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. This region is expected to concentrate half of the world’s increased agricultural production. Today it is the world’s soybean –mankind’s main protein source– largest producer.

LG Agro participates in various activities throughout the value chain by engaging in agricultural production, grain sales, silo storage and milling, as well as by providing financial services and inputs to other players. We also generates agribusiness products such as pasta and poultry farm products. Biofuel is one of its growing productions.

LG Agro is a future oriented company with solid roots. Our main goal is coping with food and energy increased demand for we believe that nutrition and energy production are the world’s biggest challenge for the future. Actually, we love challenges and pushing the boundaries in everything we do, name it producing, providing services or selling grains.

We always go the extra mile when it comes to satisfying our clients, taking care of the environment, empowering people and sharing value with our stakeholders. We already are South America's second largest food producer and we want to be the first.

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We believe our clients are the world’s 6,900 million people, and we know we can make the difference. We have been producing food for more than 80 years and we know how to do it in a sustainable way.

We have grown consistently by investing in technology and innovation, by empowering people and webbing networks, by applying and sharing knowledge. But, as we said, we know our main challenges so far lie in the future and we are ready to go for them.

Our principal goal for the years to come is strengthening sustainability in food and energy provision by enlarging its network, investing in technology and innovation, and creating shared value for its employees, its clients and its various stakeholders.

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