Corporate Social Responsibility

Area Currently, the CSR area is responsible for coordinating and articulating the programs and liaison initiatives with the stakeholders, and the executive directors of the group are the ones who are responsible for defining and disseminating the Corporate Social Responsibility policies at all levels of the organization. The managers are responsible for the implementation of the policies in their respective business areas. Growth and consolidation of the sector today depend, among other things, on the actors involved becoming aware of the importance of being responsible in a wide sense, building value for the business, ensuring ecological sustainability for future generations, encouraging the empowerment of communities and, at the same time, advancing towards the realization of the vision to achieve a green and competitive Argentina, from the point of view of companies.

Among the programs implemented in this area, we can find the following:

In Argentina

Program for the Quality of Life
The main goal of the program, which has been implemented since 2003, is to promote an improvement in people’s quality of lifethrough physical activity and healthy eating; to build good habits in people from the company, so that these may be transmitted to and included in their families.

Through this program, from 2003 until 2008, the company gave its employees the opportunity to share in the profits of its main business. Canquega arose as an initiative by the shareholders and it operated as a closed investment fund in seeds. The company ensured their employees the recovery of 100% of their investment in the worst case scenario.

Best practices in personnel management
With the purpose of becoming the best environment for the development of the personnel, which is related to their wellbeing in the company and their productivity, the best practices in personnel management were implemented by the Talent Management department.

It is a comprehensive training program whose purpose is to build skills in the network members and in the communities to successfully manage resources, personnel, knowledge, business and risks.