What is Grupo Los Grobo?

Grupo Los Grobo is a network company that produces, stores and processes grains, and provides services for the food industry and production in Mercosur.

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What does it do?

Grupo Los Grobo participates in various activities throughout the value chain by engaging in agricultural production, grain sales, silo storage and milling, as well as by providing financial services and inputs to other players.

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Where does it operate?

It operates in Brazil and Argentina.

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What is its main management approach?

Grupo Los Grobo’s main management approach is the network. As a part of the Knowledge Society, it believes in creating and sharing knowledge and information.

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How does it share value?

By promoting creative adaptability among the members of the network and the community where it operates. It develops social responsibility programs in all of the markets where it is present.

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What is sustainability for Grupo Los Grobo?

It is balance between business performance, social value and environmental conservation.

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