Los Grobo is the company with the Best Corporate Image of its Sector and one of the Best 50 of Argentina

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Apertura announced the results of its Ranking.

During ten years in a row, Los Grobo appears in the ranking of companies with the best corporate image in Argentina. This ranking is published, at this time of the year, every year by the Revista Apertura.

This year, Los Grobo Agropecuaria retained the 1st position in its sector (Agribusiness), clearly evidencing its leadership. Furthermore, in the general ranking, the company got the 49th position.

SEL Consultants conducted this survey for which 200 opinion leaders were interviewed (140 Businessmen, 30 Company Consultants, and 30 Specialized Journalists). The following company attributes were considered for this study: Reliability of its products and services; Ethics and transparency in doing business; Trustworthy customer/consumer relationships; Economic and financial soundness; Product and Services Innovation; Care for human resources; Sustainable management; Long business track record and continuity in the country; Investment and production within the country; Publicity; Communication and press actions.

The other sectors analyzed, apart from Agribusiness, where Los Grobo ranks 45 points above Monsanto (the 2nd), and 47 points above Syngenta (the 3rd), were: Mass consumption, Financial services, Laboratory and Chemical Industry, Supplies and durable goods production, Automotive, High-tech, Communications, Public services and infrastructure, Retail, Media, Pre-paid medical care, Wineries, Airlines and Insurance.

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