We think big but we have our feet on the ground. We know who we are and what we want. We are a South American company producing sustainable nutrition for the world.

We want to produce more in a sustainable way, taking care of our people, our communities and our standards. We dream a lot but when it comes to knowing our environment we are wide awake. This awareness comes from the fact that we are based in the same places where we produce, work and live.

We know the land, the people, the climate… all the facts that have an impact on our communities, our environment and our businesses.

Still we have a global view. We see ourselves as part of a broader community, the global village, and though we have a strong attachment to our homelands we also have a commitment towards the world as a whole. We know that our region is the planet’s largest soybean producer and that it will soon concentrate half of the its increased agricultural production.

Much of the world’s future world supply depends on us and we are ready to accept the challenge, are you? Here >