There is no such powerful force as human cooperation. In fact, all obstacles can be overcome when people get to work together and form close and solid bonds. We encourage teamwork in all the activities we engage in, whether in company or within our relationship with others, be it clients, partners or stakeholders. All through the years we have webbed large and powerful networks for production, commercial, services provision, knowledge and information sharing, sustainability assurance and shared value creation purposes.

Take Ceagro’s Change program for instance, where cooperation is fully exercised. Through this program, we actually exchange our products and services for fractions of the soy harvest. That is trust at its best. Or the Rally program, by which they travel all along three Brazilian states to get to analyze and discuss with local farmers their current needs and potential.

We know that future challenges require enlarging webs and networks ever further.
We have grown from small local firms to become a sustainable, global organization, and we are eager to engage in new forms of cooperation.

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The network is our main management approach. It is based on a series of contracts and incentives. Neworking stimulates diversity and innovation; it provides flexibility and anticipation to changes. It also promotes entreperneurship and delegation of authority. People in network are more keen to generate commitments and share responsabilities. They also develop towards results oriented actions. Knowledge and information transfer is easier.