Grupo Los Grobo is a leading agribusiness and investment company both in Brazil and the whole of Latin America in terms of the production and commercialization of agricultural commodities.

We offer a broad, integrated and diversified business platform that covers agricultural land development, services that go from input provision to technical and financial assistance for small producers, as well as our own farming activities, wheat processing and commodities industrialization.

We operate in Argentina and Brazil with a focus on geographical and cultural diversification, a rigorous financial discipline and a solid risk management strategy.

At Grupo Los Grobo we have a deep local knowledge of the markets in which we work, and we also aim at maximizing our operational results as well as the return on invested capital.

We cover different agribusiness areas always seeking to integrate this sector by encouraging operational synergies between our activities and generating economies of scale. We thus foster an efficient capital allocation with regards to the organic expansion of our business or even by carrying out merger and acquisition processes.


Agricultural Production

We produce several types of grain -mostly soy, maize and wheat- in rented land or in partnership, by outsourcing labor and the machinery (asset smart model).

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We provide a segmented services platform which includes -among others- input commercialization, grains purchase, finance and hedging for small producers, storage and on shore logistic operations for the sale of the grain. Our services provision is based on the one-stop-shop concept, which fulfils all the producer’s needs for the accomplishment of his production process. We also process our own wheat -as well as others'- in Argentina and Brazil.

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Industrial division

We have three processing plants of our property in Argentina. Moreover, trough Los Grobo Agroindustrial do Brasil -Grupo Los Grobo’s industrial branch in South America´s largest economy we provide milling products such as wheat flour to the Brazilian Market.

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