2014 is special year for Los Grobo. We turn 30.

We could look back on the road taken, revisit experiences and make a toast to our many successes. However, we decided to celebrate it looking onto the future.

We wish that this anniversary to represent a turning point in the history of the Company, some kind of “re-evolution”, where the idea of “what will come next may be even better than what we received as legacy” still be the motto that guides all of our actions.

When we started to follow this path, direct seeding, double sowing, biotechnology, soy, and simple maize hybrids where the future. Now, History makes us face unique and stimulating challenges, such as Bioeconomy.

We are a regional, multilocal company; an organization whose ideas, culture and business model are being adopted by many other companies throughout the whole region. Los Grobo is a case of study in universities, fields, among employees and policy makers, in our own country and around the world.

We don’t want to go unnoticed, we want to foster revolutions, and History has put us, once again, at the center of the stage. But we are not alone. We believe in collective processes because Los Grobo is the consequence of a great collective process.

We wish that in 30 years time we could be found leading the great Argentine inland epic, this new way of being and creating Argentine agriculture.

We invite you to join
All of us who make Los Grobo everyday